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  • The challenges of a CIO – Los retos de un CIO


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    Posted on April 7th, 2011
    Jos� Carlos lihat gambar gambar mewarnai

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    These are times when the companies have to prove themselves, and have to do it with a limited budget (or face extinction).

    That’s where the challenge begins, because the CIO’s have to come up with innovative and cost friendly ideas. I think the most effective CIO’s must have a mixed background, sometimes they started outside IT, and some started in IT but have evolved by adding competencies outside technology, more business related knowledge; the latest have the capacity to understand the needs from a hybrid point of view, in what can be an advantage in the long run.

    The CIO must have leadership skills, because most of the time will be leading people from places outside its department, from operative to managerial people.

    One of the most intriguing facts is that the CEO’s and managers in general tend to view the IT department as a burden, a drag with a budget; they fail to realize that IT is the motor that runs the company, that give other the tools to do an efficient and effective work.

    Just asking but where enterprises be today without email, smart-phones, websites, intranets, apps, ERPs, CMS, CRMs?? to name a few.

    Some people think that all IT services can be outsourced, but I tend to differ, sometimes part of what IT does can be done outside the office, but you MUST have to have a CIO, someone with enough knowledge of the company, someone that can translate the needs and ideas into adequate solutions, not a vendor who recommends the flavor of the month product in search for a profit, but someone who can align the company objectives, needs and resources (monetary and others) into a coherent path that can even transform the whole company.

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    So the challenges the CIOs confronts  every day are many, but the most important is to improve themselves, to try and be involved on everyday company operations, to know every company process, so (s)he can visualize any improvement that can be needed but hidden under the DTWSA (done that way since always) way of thinking, to be involved in the “on the field” operations so he can view the hidden opportunities for a new device or a different tool (a smart-phone or a different app for example).

    Other challenge is to keep themselves updated within the sea of solutions and technologies, to evolve, today that means to be familiar with facebook, twitter, youtube, cloud computing, smart-phones, apps, 4G/wifi, Broadband networks, disaster recovery planing, have a decent datacenter (tier II or higher), an (ajax) company portal, and remind always that there is a world out there (and not just one main ERP), in one word: easy.

    So, CEOs, please listen what the CIOs have to say, most of the time they can anticipate a market move technology wise (who suggested your first dot com domain??, facebook anyone??), and most of their ideas, if have a cost also most of the time have an interesting ROI in the long run, remember most are investments no expenses.



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  • Brazil – Ivory Coast – Brasil – Costa de Marfil

    Posted on June 20th, 2010 Jos� Carlos No comments

    The Brazil – Ivory Coast match just finished with a 3-1 score, but it’s really unbelievable that a referee’s actions can cause a football match to be disrupted. Now Kaká is facing a suspension, when he didn’t commit the foul, it was the opponent that seeked it. It’s really a shame that now we can’t witness a Kaka – Cristiano Ronaldo confrontation, hope de FIFA notices it, and lifts the red card.

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    Is the market ready for a $70,000 luxury car, made in China?

    mewarnamewarnalihat gambar gambar mewarnai Posted on June 6th, 2009 Jos� Carlos 2 comments

    And I mean it respectfully, are you ready?

    On Monday was announced that General Motors, the bankrupt car manufacturer is selling it’s non-core division; Hummer, to an industrial Chinese company, a deal that at least in paper, guarantees that the plants, workers and dealer network can breath again, for a while at least, but the deal has surely raised some eyebrows.

    It’s true that desperate times call for desperate measures, but I think this one got a little out of hand. I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but we all know that the quality of China-made goods has been questioned for years. It has been rising recently, but it’s not yet ready to be mentioned with the top manufacturing countries: Japan, Germany to name a few (sadly, people associates the quality to the country and not to the company making the products, so a few bad products and the whole country takes the blow), and more so, because the blunders got more publicity that the quality advancements (lead in toys, tainted food anyone?).

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    And with the American people’s confidence in shambles, and the perception they have now that the jobs they used to have are being outsourced to other developing countries, and when “Buy American” it’s the “rule du jour”, it’s easy to question even more the agreement.

    Is really smart for a company with no previous experience in the automotive luxury market, to enter the American market in a time like this?; and more quizzical, to keep the same people at the top of the company they’re buying, when the company it’s not really known for being profitable in the first place (wonder why GM is selling it?), and even the public perception of the reliability of the brand is near average.

    Buying a brand with a spotted image it’s a bold move, cause there’s always a chance to improve it, like the “ECO-friendly” image of the brand (not to mention the real economy of the cars), so I like to think that the people at Sichuan Tengzhong know what they’re doing.

    The remaining customers (the luxury market is shrinking at an alarming rate), will have to decide what to do with their money when they have the whim to buy a new luxury SUV (I mean the ones that still can afford them), and for now they have to answer the same old question: will they choose to spend 70K on a gas guzzler (doesn’t matter where the car is made) or will they buy the latest and cool ecofriendly car or hybrid SUV the market is offering.

    No matter what, a long way-up lies ahead for the company and it’s new brand, because they have to fight with the market perception since day one, and i think they may succeed, but i also think that maybe, and just maybe, they could have figured some other way to get into the market, only time will tell…

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  • It’s just art…. With sheep!!! – Es solo arte… con ovejas!!!

    Posted on May 25th, 2009 Jos� Carlos 3 comments

    This video it’s like 3 months old (a century in Internet terms), but nonetheless… Human imagination never cease to amaze me. This time it’s some shepherds from Wales, they took some LEDs, some creativity and a lot of patience,  and of course some sheeps…. The results are amazing….

    Este video tiene como 3 meses (un siglo si hablamos de Internet), pero igual… La creatividad humana no deja de sorprenderme. Esta vez se trata de unos pastores de Gales, tomaron algunos LEDs, algo de creatividad, mucha paciencia y por supuesto algunas ovejas…. Los resultados son sorprendentes…

    Extreme Sheep Art on You Tube…. Arte con Ovejas Extremo en You Tube….

  • Another B Movie classic? Otro Clasico de las películas clase B?

    Posted on May 17th, 2009 Jos� Carlos 1 comment

    I love sci-fi movies, and some classic B movies, and this could be a classic in the making, just watch the trailer.

    Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus on yahoo movies…

    But on a side note, i think is smarter to name the movie  something like Mesha vs. Gioct,  like Godzilla vs. Mothra, so is easy to remember (and to trademark the names of the monsters), lol…

    Adoro las peliculas de ciencia ficción, y algunas clásicas del género B, y esta podra ser un clasico, solo vean el trailer en el link arriba…

  • Just in case…
    Solo por si no…

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    Posted on May 16th, 2009 Jos� Carlos 5 comments

    Yo no se si han oido alguna ve z de él, pero el señor Gregg Easterbrook tiene una columna en ESPN.com llamada “Quarterback de martes por la mañana” donde hace un análisis de los eventos de la NFL, desde un punto de vista diferente, casi cíentifico, o por lo menos cita muchas referencias que no son necesariamente deportivas.

    Se los prometo, sabrán algo nuevo despues de leer cada una de sus columnas….

    TMQ en ESPN.com (en inglés)…

    I don’t know if you have ever heard of him, but Mr. Gregg Easterbrook has a column on ESPN.com called “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” where he makes an analysis of the NFL current events, from a different point of view, an almost scientific point of view, by citing references that aren’t necesarily from sports.


    lihat gambar gambar mewarnai I promise you, after reading every one of his columns you’ll know something new…

    TMQ on ESPN.com…

  • Never has been a better time to be right brained,
    no ha habido mejor momento para pensar con el hemisferio derecho…

    Posted on May 16th, 2009 Jos� Carlos 1 comment

    I loved this article from cnn.com and ophra.com, where the author of the book “A whole new mind”, Daniel Pink, tell us about the reasons why this will be the century ruled by the creative thinkers, the people that uses mostly the right side of their brian to generate ideas.

    Article on cnn.com..

    Me encanto este articulo de cnn.com y oprah.com, donde el autor del libro “Una mente completamente nueva”, Daniel Pink, nos cuenta porque este sera el siglo de los pensadores creativos, aquella gente que utiliza más el lado derecho del cerebro para generar ideas.

    Por que los pensadores creativos dominarán este siglo, en cnn.com…

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  • I’m baaack…

    Posted on May 14th, 2009 Jos� Carlos 1 comment

    First hi to all out there, finally i was able to put things in it’s place and i’m ready to start blogging again, let me tell you something about my self, first officially i’m an IT professional, but have experience on business administration, quality management, leadership and coaching, still  32 years young,  love the NFL, i love to know new people.

    Here (hopefully) you’ll find information and discussions about diverse themes, from economy, passing by technology and even sports,

    Hold tight and enjoy the ride….

  • Hola a todos, bienvenidos…

    Posted on May 14th, 2009 Jos� Carlos No comments

    Finalmente pude poner todo en orden para poder regresar a blogear, dejame contarte algo acerca de mí, oficialmente soy un profesional de IT, más tengo experiencia en administración de negocios, gestión de la calidad, me encantan temas de liderazgo y coaching, tengo 32 años y mi deporte favorito es la NFL, me encanta conocer nuevas personas.

    lihat gambar gambar mewarnailihat gambar gambar mewarnaimewarna Espero que aqui podamos encontrar información y discusiones de diversos temas de interés, desde economía, pasando por tecnología e incluso hasta deportes,

    agarrense fuerte y disfruten del viaje…

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